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Crash when de-duplicating large directories

first post: Nickcodeplex wrote: Hello, many thanks for writing this excellent piece of software. I'...

Creating a link from folder with deleted duplicate to retained duplicate file.

first post: RoyRoebuck wrote: Some of the dedupe tools I've seen allow you to create a shortcut f...

Files don't go to recycle bin

first post: pgng wrote: I tried to delete duplicate files and waited to see it in my recycl...

latest post: thomas_rega wrote: I will add this feature to the next version. Thanks for the feedback.

How to use options "Keep first" and " Keep last"?

first post: pgng wrote: Hi, I'm confused about using this option. How can I make it work wi...

latest post: thomas_rega wrote: Keep First and Keep Last are selection strategy options-- meaning t...

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